Re: Tony's add-ons: updates and new features

Tony Malykh

Thanks for kind words!

A few years ago I proposed to include some of my add-ons to NVDA core, SentenceNav, TextNav and Bluetooth Audio among them - you can still find open issues in nvda github issue tracker. However got no response from NVAccess. So I assume NVAccess is not interested.

On 1/7/2022 3:59 AM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear Tony,

This is absolutely terrific work! Have you considered contributing
your code for inclusion in NVDA core? I am fairly certain that at
least some and likely several of your add-on features have been
long-standing requests on NVDA's GitHub tracker. There is a lot of
functionality that your add-ons pack, and it will be a while before I
am able to utilize them to their fullest.


On 1/7/22, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Why do you not use a current version of NVDA?  An increasing number of
add-ons don't and in future won't work with older NVDA versions.

If you have a specific feature or something that works better as an
older part of NVDA itself, you might be able to use the older version as
a portable for the specific instances you want, then use the current
version as an installed version.


On 1/7/2022 1:26 AM, Stefan Banita wrote:
I checked three new versions of your add-ons.
Two add-ons do not work with NVDA 2020.4.
bluetoothaudio & browsernav.
tonysEnhancements works and I really like the ability to copy tables,
great job.
If you could test these add-ons with older versions of NVDA, see if it
can be fixed, and if not, change minimumNVDAVersion.

Stefan Banita

W dniu 2022-01-06 o 21:03, Tony Malykh pisze:
Here is an example sentence from Wikipedia:

 > CRISPR (/ˈkrɪspər/) (an acronym for clustered regularly
interspaced short palindromic repeats) is a family of DNA sequences
found in the genomes of prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria and

As you can see in the end of the sentence there is a reference and it
comes in square brackets after period:

 > .[2]

This is quite weird punctuation, but since SentenceNav detects
borders between sentences based on period followed by space, I had to
handle this case in a special way.  I also made a checkbox in
settings, but I can't really imagine anyone wanting to turn off this

On 1/5/2022 10:11 PM, Rowen Cary wrote:
Hi Tony, I would also like to know what the Wikipedia-style checkbox
is used for in sentence-nav. Can you briefly talk about it?


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