Re: Tony's add-ons: updates and new features

Tony Malykh

In order to create a bookmark to skip YouTube ads:

1. Make sure you have created a website definition for

2. Go to skip ad/Skip ads button on youtube page, press NVDA+J > Bookmarks > Create bookmark for site

You need to do this rapidly, as this button disappears quickly. Also please read documentation to understand different types of bookmarks.

On 1/9/2022 3:50 AM, David Ingram wrote:
Hi, I would like to know how can i tell if your ad-ons are installed and working?  I have this question especially for the browsernav ad-on.  I’d like to know how can i use this  ad-on?  I also have a question about when i’m on a youtube page and i just want to skip adds how do i go about creating something that will let me just press the skip adds button so that i  can go directly to what i want  to hear.  Thank you for any information that you might have concerning these questions.

On Jan 4, 2022, at 2:58 PM, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:

You would have to find the skip button. If it is located in the same place every time that should not be a deal braker.
Good luck.

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Anyone managed to assign a bookmark to skip adds button on youtube? Is it possible with this addon? 

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