Re: question about NVDA and the Windows login screen

kristy stichter

thanks steve, I thought it was something like that, but just wanted to
make sure.

On 1/10/22, Steve Wettlaufer <sendstuffhere@...> wrote:
Yes.  If you go to preferences and then press enter on the settings
option, you should see a checkbox that says use NVDA during sign in
under the general category.  Remember that you need to have
administrator access on the machine in question for this to work.


On 2022-01-09 4:45 p.m., kristy stichter wrote:
Hi all
is there a way on a windows 10 computer to have NVDA starting
automatically when the login screen appears?
I thought there was but can't remember for sure

also happy new year to everyone on this list.


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