Re: NVDA remote question help needed

Charles Adkins <cadkins6739@...>

?Anks s m*. Progress bars are not checked on either machine. I've figured out that it only happens on one work machine I connect to, but once those progress bars are being read, it continues to read them until I disconnect remote. Progress bars are not enabled on any machines I'm using. Numbers read so fast I have to keep hitting the control key to stop speech to see if I'm controling local or remote machine. Not good when you're trying to keep a radio station on the air lol!!!! Thanks again.


On Jan 9, 2022, at 4:55 PM, Jackie <abletec@...> wrote:

´╗┐Sounds like perhaps you've got background progress bars enabled?
That's under object presentation > report background progress bars.

On 1/9/22, Christopher Duffley <christophernduffley@...> wrote:
I've never gotten this issue, so I have no idea. It's fine here on both 10
and 11.

What exactly happens when the connection is established? Maybe delete your
INI file in your NVDA folder and do it again?

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On Jan 9, 2022, at 13:33, Charles Adkins <cadkins6739@...> wrote:

Using the latest NVDA and latest remote add-on, for some reason when I
connect with another computer using the nvda remote server, I hear a
constant stream of numbers being spoken that keeps going until I disconnect,
no matter what I do. Any suggestions would be very helpful. This happens
with windows 7, 10, and 11. Thanks.

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