Re: Orbit writer and nvda


It would be good if there was an Orbit Writer list, as I'm struggling with similar questions about using it with Talkback. I seem to be in grade 1 braille and punctuation gives me numbers, for example,  A lower d gives me 4 and not a full stop/period?


On 10/01/2022 01:01, Guy Schlosser wrote:
Hey all, first of all happy new year! I have a question. I am working with a client on using NVDA, or Jaws, with the orbit Writer. I am having trouble with both products, and wondering if anyone has the answer. How do you enter commands, such as alt plus F4, or navigate through the start menu using the orbit writer? I can get into the start menu, but cannot navigate it. Is it possible to use this device as a keyboard without a QWERTY keyboard hooked to the system? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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