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Chris Mullins

Hi Richard

The “Global Commands Extension” is an NVDA add-on (similar to a Jaws Script), which adds functionality to the screen reader, over and above that provided by the NVDA core.  Add-ons are optional pieces of software providing additional functionality  covring a large variety of applications, so you can choose the add-ons to tailor NVDA to suit your own computing preferences.


The “Global Commands Extension” adds a whole host of additional functionality, including audio feedback from clipboard related commands.  Although the clipboard copy command works in terms of grabbing the cell contents from LO, the audio feedback it provides just says “No Selection”.


There is another NVDA add-on called “Clipspeak”, which does announce “Copied to clipboard” when used with LO but I think that the audio feedback is triggered by the fact that a clipboard related command has been issued, not it’s outcome.




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Hi Chris!


I replied separately to your other email on the LO accessibility email list.  About your below, what is the “Global Commands Extension?”





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Subject: [nvda] LibreOffice Calc Global Commands Extension add-on



When using LibreOffice Calc and I want to copy cell contents to the clipboard, pressing Control+c causes NVDA to say “No Selection” even though the data is copied successfully.  Is this because Libreoffice Calc accessibility is MSAA based rather than UIA?  Does the Global Commands Extension  add-on require a UIA notification event to trigger  the voicing of “Copy”?



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