for people that don't like ribbon in office, new addon: ribbon explorer

Simone Dal Maso

Just a message to inform you that a new addon is born...
This is still in development stage and is for all people that don't like ribbon.
So, probably for 95% of you :-)))

Alberto Buffolino developed an addon to enhance experience with Ribbon menu. Only in Office products, for the moment.

I copy directly from the readme:

Important things to consider:
1. this add-on is in development;
2. confirmed (by users) to work on Microsoft Office 2019, 365 and 2021;
3. compatibility for old NVDA/Office versions is not guaranteed.
Simply install, open an Office application, press Alt to access Ribbon, and familiarize with new menu layout.
You can use arrows, tab, enter, esc, quite like in a normal menu. Alt+down/upArrow are supported too, for expanding some controls.
If there are problems (please report), or you want temporarily interact without add-on assistance, press NVDA+space.

Some useful links:
download development version from

For support please use the github page:

Have fun!

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