Re: Can't uninstall NVDA 2021.2 from Windows 10 21h1


Hi all,

A few things come to my mind:

  1. User Account Control: usually there is a time limit when it comes to responding to UAC prompt. This happens when you install NVDA, too. If the user does not respond to UAC prompts, Windows will prevent NVDA from being installed and NVDA will report an error to that effect (the actual error is stored in NVDA log). This is a bit complicated if the system is part of a domain and a password is required to respond to UAC prompts. For consumers, responding to UAC is the best solution, but for enterprises, an IT professional should be contacted.
  2. Restarting the computer and transferring NVDA from portable copy to installed copy: this requires that a portable copy of NVDA is stored in an easy to access path (say, documents/NVDA folder). After restarting the computer, run the portable copy of NVDA and see if installation is possible (NVDA menu/Tools/Install). This is the method I personally use when installing NVDA on a new computer.
  3. File in use: sometimes some DLL's used by NVDA is used in other apps, particularly when interacting with 64-bit applications. IN this case, one way to resolve this is logging out and back in, as it then allows apps that are using some NVDA DLL's to terminate. Note that this procedure requires use of Narrator at the login screen, so for convenience, restart the computer.
  4. DISM might help but as a last resort: this assumes that it is more than just NVDA that is stuck.



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