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On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 06:25 PM, Gene wrote:
Will you be warned about what you will lose during installation?

No, because you would never lose anything during installation.

It's been ages since I paid attention to exactly what happens during an NVDA uninstall.  I'm on complete auto-pilot and just know what I need to hit to get it to uninstall while leaving my stuff in place.  There is no correctly written uninstaller that will not warn you if, during the uninstall, your user settings were being removed along with the software as well.  They're generally not, and most modern uninstallers have an explicit dialog that asks you whether you intend to reinstall or not, and if you do not if you wish to remove your user data as well.

I'll bet Quentin sees this topic and can answer definitively about what NVDA asks during the uninstall process.

I've also never had an issue with an install-over install, either, as this doesn't touch the user's AppData folder, either, and it's been just like an uninstall/reinstall when I've done it.  That is, for all practical intents and purposes, what an "upgrade from within NVDA itself" does.  I believe the NVDA installer will uninstall an existing prior version when it runs, no matter how it was triggered, if memory serves.

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