Re: for people that don't like ribbon in office, new addon: ribbon explorer

Simone Dal Maso

just a short answer.
This addon was developed with the idea that people can choose a different type of interface.
All people should know how ribbon work and read tutorials and so on.
But then, like sight people can do, we can have a different type of approach and interface.

For example, I know very well the file explorer ribbon interface of windows10 and windows11. I teach this too, since I make lessons for visual impaired.
But on my computer, I use all utilities that remove the stupid ribbon interface and give me the classic menu bar.
This because ribbon for me is a terrible interface. So I have the opportunity to remove it, and my brain thanks me!
But it absolutely be clear that people must know them.
Anyway, I simply wrote a message to inform the list of this addon. I'm not involved on its development.

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