locked Re: Update issues - NVDA 2021.1 & 2 along with Add-Ons in those two Versions #adminnotice


On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 08:54 AM, tim wrote:
Well if it solved. Then why does the same issue keep coming back, because not solved.
The answer is simple:  It doesn't keep coming back.

What's happening is the stragglers who are not updating on a timely basis, nor reading the forum about identified issues like this one, hit the issue much later than the majority and think it's new.  That, and only that, is the problem here.

This bug was solved, and remains solved.  I have yet to hear of a single, solitary person who's installed 2021.3 or later, even if they intentionally rolled back to an earlier version after having done so, having this update issue recur.

And with this post, the topic is locked.  This was not intended to be a discussion, but a way to let those who remained on earlier versions who are now encountering the update issue how to solve it.  And the solution is downloading the installer for the latest NVDA and running it, NOT trying to update from within NVDA itself in those earlier versions because since the problem lies with that mechanism that just doesn't work.
There is absolutely no reason to remove any user settings or add-ons to solve THIS particular problem, and it is a complete waste of time and effort to do so.

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