Re: for people that don't like ribbon in office, new addon: ribbon explorer


On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 10:49 AM, Gene wrote:
When a sighted person uses an alternate interface to ribbons,
I will again emphasize, I have never seen a single "alternate interface" to the ribbons within programs or within things like File Explorer for the sighted.  It's virtually certain that somewhere, such exists, but these have never gained anything approaching wide acceptance if they are out there.  I've been working with Windows since the very first version, throughout the menu driven period, and now for all the years of the ribbon-driven period.  I have never seen anything that tries to make the ribbons back into menus for sighted users.  Just trying to do the visual overlay would be an absolute nightmare, I'd imagine.

The overarching philosophy in computing is that it is always best to, "Go with the flow of the native interface currently offered."  Many of us, including the sighted, have hated some of the changes as they've come along, but that's always been irrelevant.  At least the vast majority of the sighted have simply bitten the bullet and learned to use "what's happenin' now" and kept doing so as this changes in either evolutionary or revolutionary ways.  The notable exceptions to that rule being things like Classic Shell, Open Shell, Start10, and similar which attempt to make the Windows OS presentation, and specifically the start menu, look and feel like what existed under Windows 7.  But these shells do not extend much beyond that, and certainly do not have anything to do with the ribbons in Windows functions nor application programs.

It's often neither easy, nor pleasant, but it is necessary.  If someone actually knows of a "Ribbon Skinner" for the sighted, please point me to it, as I'd actually love to see what tortured method would be used to make an alternative that still allows access to the full complement of functions in a given program's ribbon.

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