Re: What’s the laptop keyboard gesture to move the system focus to where the review cursor is positioned



Unless I'm not reading what you're asking as you mean it, all of this is covered in the Commands Quick Reference:  1.        NVDA + N, H, Q  [NVDA Menu, Help, Commands Quick Reference]

In the Navigating with the Mouse section the commands for both Move mouse to current navigator object, and its converse, Navigate to the object under the mouse, both have their desktop/laptop/touch gesture documented.   System focus follows the mouse for the instances I believe you're trying to describe.  The description for the "move mouse" command is, "Moves the mouse to the location of the current navigator object and review cursor."

In the Object Navigation section, Activate current navigator object, with it's desktop/laptop/touch gestures, is listed and described as, "
Activates the current navigator object (similar to clicking with the mouse or pressing space when it has the system focus)."



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