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Hi. That's a different way of doing it. I usually use sleep mode without a profile, and I'm not sure setting up a profile is necessary, unless the profile helps NVDA remember to turn sleep mode on for that app even after NVDA has been restarted. I think that's one of the points of profiles, to save these settings and trigger them at specific times even if NVDA has been restarted since the profile was created. Since I didn't think configuration profiles worked like that with sleep mode, I've been using it without one, and it still turns on when I'm in that app and off when I Alt+Tab away. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that's how sleep mode is supposed to work, without the use of a configuration profile for the app. Does the profile help sleep mode work better or differently in some way I'm not understanding? Thanks.

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Oh, however what I do is set a profile up specifically for an app, turn on sleep mode and when I alt tab away sleep mode is activated when I alt tab back and deactivated when I alt tab away. I hope that makes sence. So, activate sleep mode in that profile once the app is started and when you alt tab away you will have use of nvda. When you alt tab back to the app nvda will sleep.

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> But, even if it is sleep mode, I think that can still be accomplished with a configuration profile that automatically triggers when a specific application has focus.

No, it cannot. Sleep mode cannot be currently set in a profile.

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