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Sarah k Alawami

I also use this as well, it's grate to keep track of things, especially on huge sites you visit infrequently.

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Subject: [nvda] a big thank you to the programmers

I want to thank whoever decided to let NVDA tell you when you just visited a link. I was on our state legislative site having to copy and paste in a file the information about each senator. With my dementia I cannot remember which link I was on last and without having to go back to the list I was making it was great to have NVDA just say "visited link" on the ones I had already opened. I knew it did it but really noticed it this time as the dementia is getting a lot worse.

I know I have said this out here before, but I want to thank those again who have helped me through the years write down step-by-step directions for different tasks I need to use. I used some of those directions again today.

I am already giving a very small amount each month but hope in about three years to add more to that amount each month. I do not know where I would be without NVDA.

Thanks again.

Betsy Grenevitch 678-862-3876

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