Re: Microsoft Edge Suddenly Less Accessible with NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Joseph,

I am not experiencing this issue. I just did a google search and everything functioned as it should.
Here is my version number: Microsoft EdgeVersion 97.0.1072.62 (Official build) (64-bit)
Also it says I am up to date.

On 1/15/2022 7:32 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi everyone,

No, this is not an add-on issue. I just tried searching for something with Google via Edge 97 and received a traceback that ends with COM error, and the traceback does not point to add-on code (if it did, a code fragment from the add-on will be printed).

It turns out switching to Chrome might not be a good idea at this time - I tried the same thing with Chrome and received the same COM error traceback. In fact, NV Access is aware of this issue that began when Chromium 97 based browsers hit the stable channel as shown in the following NVDA issue:

Therefore, I can tell you all that you are not alone.



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