Re: Sleep mode question


Hi all,

Actually, sleep mode is application specific. One of the key application identifiers is process Id, and when you open different documents in Notepad, different Notepad instances are open. This can be checked by doing the following:

  1. Open several documents in Notepad.
  2. Press NVDA+F1 to open the log, placing you at the start of developer info text.
  3. Observe the "appModule" line, specifically the "process ID" portion.

You will notice different process ID's for different Notepad instances. Process ID is the key piece of information NVDA needs in order to make app modules come to life (programming term: construct, instantiate). Even with multiple instances of the same app active, if these have different process ID's, NVDA will treat them as separate app module instances. This explains the phenomenon described in Brian's message - sleep mode was active in one document only because different Notepad instances were assigned different process ID's. There are other parts of an app module, but I won't go into that unless asked since you won't encounter most of them while using NVDA.



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