Re: NVDA announcing shortcut keys

Don H

Thanks this is the correct place to disable shortcut keys. I don't know
what keystroke I accidently hit to mess up my settings. I will remember
the insert control r for the next time these old stiff fingers hit the
wrong keys.

On 1/16/2022 10:32 AM, Gene wrote:
I haven't played with the setting to see if this is the applicable one,
but it appears to be in object presentation, report object shortcut keys.

Even if that is the applicable setting, you can see why using
control+NVDA+r is so much more convenient and efficient.


On 1/16/2022 10:27 AM, Gene wrote:

NVDA 4 is speak command keys on and off.  that isn't related to
announcing shortcuts.


On 1/16/2022 10:22 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
See Keyboard Settings in NVDA settings or try NVDA + 4, which I
believe toggles this announcement.

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