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On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 02:51 PM, Gene wrote:
People may differ with me all they like, but why is the current default better than my proposal?

I suggest you look at how the Settings under Windows 10 & 11, Microsoft Office, most web browsers, and the list goes on and on these days work.  The era of having to hit even so much as a Save key to finalize your choices has, quite often, disappeared.  Even a Cancel button has become rarer.  The settings take effect, immediately, and stay as you set them until or unless you set them back.  It has become the most common convention.

That matters.  People come to expect this sort of behavior ecosystem wide as it has come to predominate.

It's not even a matter of personal preference, really, so much as a matter of establishing a consistent convention and sticking with it.  There are programs, and they are relatively few and NVDA is one of them, that allow you to actually control when/if settings changes are saved.  It gives you the control if you want to set an exception to what has become common convention.

But in all cases, whether I necessarily like what the common convention is, personally, I recognize the value in following it.  Knowing what to expect, in most cases, has a great value even if I so happen to hate whatever that thing is.  At least I know and I know that if it's possible for me to change it then it is up to me to make that change.  It makes it a conscious deviation from the common convention.

NVDA is adhering to modern conventions, and should continue to do so.

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