Re: Microsoft Edge Suddenly Less Accessible with NVDA


Same here, I’m using the latest version of NVDA, JFW 2021 on this windows ten computer!


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From: Mário Navarro
Sent: January 16, 2022 3:03 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Microsoft Edge Suddenly Less Accessible with NVDA






Yes, this happens to me too.

With jaws, this issue stops being real.



Às 17:12 de 15/01/2022, Rich DeSteno escreveu:

> I have been using the current version of NVDA with the current version

> of Microsoft Edge on both Windows 10 and 11 with great success until

> recently.  Within the last few days, NVDA will no longer read the

> search term that I type in the search edit field. Also, when I press

> the Space Bar on a compressed listing of what other people ask, the

> contents open in a new window, so I must alt-tab to the other window

> to read the contents.  I assume these changes are either related to

> changes in Edge or NVDA.  Is anyone else aware of this or whether

> these problems will be corrected, or should I just give up and switch

> to Google Chrome?


A acção pode nem sempre ser felicidade, mas não há felicidade sem acção...







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