Re: NVDA announcing shortcut keys


On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 06:03 PM, Gtt North Bay wrote:

Brian and Gene, can we kill this topic or take it off list.

To much back and forth.

So, you're the moderator now.  I don't think so.

Well, I am, and the following is being stated in that role, so don't argue with me about it:  Use the Mute this Topic function that supplies for you for any topic you do not wish to see.  Period, end of sentence.

It is up to the Group Owner or Moderator to decide whether there has been "Too much back and forth."  If I member believes this, and feels it warrants reporting, then a message to the Group Owner address is the appropriate method for doing so.  The Group Owner may or may not agree, so reporting it will not necessarily result in something being stopped.

But, in general, it is up to the individual member to mute topics they've become bored with.  The amount of back and forth can and will vary in topics over time, and what's "too much" to you may be "not yet enough" for someone else.

Use the tools this service provides you, don't demand that an active topic, that is on-topic with regard to how NVDA works, and arguments about same, are not to your personal liking.

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