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Quentin Christensen

Thanks Betsy!  Even though, as others have said, it might not be a new feature, it's still great to know that it's a useful feature for you.  Also a reminder to any web devs out there (although most reading this group would already be quite conscientious about this) that for all the latest fancy bells and whistles out there, sometimes it's the simple, back to basics HTML (I just checked, I believe visited links were a thing from HTML 3.2 in 1997 - 25 years ago: )

To answer the question someone asked in the thread - It's up to the page or CSS, or failing that, your browser settings as to exactly what colour visited links appear.  The default is generally that unvisited links appear in blue, and visited links appear in purple.

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On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 10:46 AM Betsy Grenevitch <blindangel61@...> wrote:
I want to thank whoever decided to let NVDA tell you when you just
visited a link. I was on our state legislative site having to copy and
paste in a file the information about each senator. With my dementia I
cannot remember which link I was on last and without having to go back
to the list I was making it was great to have NVDA just say "visited
link" on the ones I had already opened. I knew it did it but really
noticed it this time as the dementia is getting a lot worse.

I know I have said this out here before, but I want to thank those again
who have helped me through the years write down step-by-step directions
for different tasks I need to use. I used some of those directions again

I am already giving a very small amount each month but hope in about
three years to add more to that amount each month. I do not know where I
would be without NVDA.

Thanks again.

Betsy Grenevitch 678-862-3876

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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