Re: Organizations/Employers that use NVDA in the USA. Who are they?

Quentin Christensen

I won't name names for privacy reasons, although I can say that we have been getting ever increasing inquiries from organisations about using NVDA in their workplaces.

Given that the program is free, including in corporate environments, there really is no barrier to being able to use it, so that's helpful for a lot of people and companies.  We have a page at: which answers a lot of the kinds of questions we get asked by organisations.

A few years ago, we were sometimes asked about whether open source software was safe.  As more IT managers now understand how open source works, we don't encounter that nearly so often but there is a section on that page dedicated to just that query - including links to a number of government and large corporate policies mandating the use of open source software first.

If anyone does work for an organisation with questions about NVDA, or would like some backup approaching organisations, do feel free to write to me offlist at info@....  (Or if you have general questions, feel free to ask here as if you have a question, chances are someone else does too).

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Hi I was wondering what places of employment use NVDA in the US?

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