Re: NVDA 2021.3.1 cursor doesn't move in Google product edit fields


Also, I have a number of different versions of NVDA and installers on my machine.  I realized that I hadn't tested with the latest version previously.  It was 2021.1 beta that I tested with previously.  I tested today with both 2021.3.  and 2021.1 beta.  I had the problem with both versions.  that may not matter but perhaps it does.

I just tried testing with an older version and I had the same problem.  I tested with 2020.1beta1.

Since I  don't use Google much nor Edge, I wonder if Google has updated since my first test.  Have those reporting different results checked their version numbers?  If you do so, by going into About, the browser will begin looking for updates and will update if it hasn't.  As far as I know, updating is supposed to be automatic, but it appears to me that, at least at times, Chrome-based browsers may not automatically update and that you need to open the about dialog for them to do so.  Making sure of browser version numbers may help determine why people are reporting different results.

I don't think this matters, but I'm using Windows 7.


On 1/17/2022 8:39 AM, Gene via wrote:

As I recall, I reported two or three days ago that I didn't have the problem in Chrome nor in Edge.  I'm not sure why, but I tested again now with Chrome and the problem is there.  I may test Edge but I haven't yet.

However, tabbing away from the field and returning is not the only way to have text be read when you move the cursor.  Opening the menus and closing them does so as well.  It isn't how you leave the field, its that you leave the field that matters.


On 1/17/2022 8:17 AM, Michael Chopra wrote:
Hi. I have also noticed this as well and have had to use the work around of tabbing away then coming back to it in order to navigate properly. From what I can figure out, NVDA seems to be selecting the text for some reason when you go back into the edit field. I will also add that I only started noticing this at least for me and others, since version 2021.3.1.
From Michael.

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