Re: backing up NVDA settings


I'm pretty sure that there is either a file, or folder, that can be copied off somewhere if one so desires, but I'll let someone else fill in that part.

Given the recent conversation about this very behavior, which is that NVDA saves all settings changed upon exit or restart, it's vital that folks know about two things:

1.  The NVDA- + Ctrl + R command that restores your settings to whatever they were when you first fired up NVDA provided you, yourself, didn't manually save them somewhere along the way. if you did save them somewhere along the way, then they will revert to that last save point. If you hit it 3 times in rapid succession it reverts to NVDA factory defaults.

2.  That you can turn the "Save on exit or restart," behavior off in settings, if you so choose, and use NVDA + CTRL + C to save your changes manually instead.  Even if automatic save is on, if you want to save settings you've already changed, because you know that those suit you, this is the command that does this.  All settings changed afterward will remain unsaved until "a saving event" occurs, be that an automatic save on exit or a manual invocation of the NVDA + CTRL + C command.

There is just no way that any given default setting is going to make everyone happy.  You, the generic you, need to understand what the NVDA default behavior is (even were that to change) with regard to how and when settings changes are permanently saved and "behave accordingly" based on what you have elected to keep or change about the settings change saving behavior.

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