Re: backing up NVDA settings


If you uncheck that option you won't accidentally save settings except if you revert to factory  settings, for some reason, then shut down NVDA or shut down Windows or the computer spontaneously restarts.  It is still possible to accidentally save settings when you revert to factory defaults.  To avoid saving settings on shutdown, you need to return to the saved configuration with NVDA + CTRL + R before doing something that closes NVDA. 



On 1/17/2022 11:10 AM, Chris via wrote:

Your best option in the first place would be to uncheck the option to save configuration on exit!

That way any accidental setting change would not be saved unless of course you save the configuration manually



From: Don H
Sent: 17 January 2022 16:49
Subject: [nvda] backing up NVDA settings


Running latest NVDA on latest Win10 system.  Totally my fault I hit some

unknown key combinations that messed up my NVDA settings.  Then I did

the totally wrong thing and restarted NVDA which caused my messed up

settings to be saved.  Is there a file or folder that can be backed up

to save your NVDA settings?  This would save dummies like from me from

losing the good settings.







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