Re: backing up NVDA settings

hurrikennyandopo ...


It depends if you are using a portable or a installed version of nvda.

The nvda.ini file is for the installer version found at on a windows pc press the windows key then go to all apps then go to nvda folder a sub menu will come off it. Locate the explore nvda user configuration directory. Then locate the nvda.ini file and save it some where..

On a portable locate it go into the folder what ever you named it in my case nvda. Locate the nvda user configuration folder go inside of it then locate the nvda.ini file. Then save it some where.

I can if it helps put directions up on the website to find the nvda.ini file or have it so they can save addons etc which are all in the same area.

Gene nz

On 18/01/2022 5:45 am, Don H wrote:
Running latest NVDA on latest Win10 system.  Totally my fault I hit some unknown key combinations that messed up my NVDA settings.  Then I did the totally wrong thing and restarted NVDA which caused my messed up settings to be saved.  Is there a file or folder that can be backed up to save your NVDA settings?  This would save dummies like from me from losing the good settings.

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