Re: Chrome and NVDA and setting it as the default browser

Dan Beaver

Ok, I have figured it out.

It turns out that my UACC was set to 34 percent.  I changed it to 0% and then tried the setting for making Chrome the default browser.  It worked just fine now.  I guess Chrome couldn't overcome the UACC level for some reason.

Thanks for all the help and yes I did set UACC back.

Dan Beaver

On 10/2/2016 8:21 PM, Gene wrote:
It sounds as though Chrome isn't communicating properly with the registry, where this setting is made or it can't change the setting.  I don't have any ideas other than to ask what your default browser is now.  How many browsers do you have on your machine?  If you have three browsers, you can try making the other one the default that isn't the default now and that isn't Chrome.  for example, if you have firefox as your default browser, you can try setting Internet Explorer as default.  If that is successful, you can then try setting Chrome as default. 
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Hi Brian,

Yep, that is the path I tried and it doesn't take effect.  I thought perhaps it was because UACC was stopping it in the bakcground but I checked and it isn't even coming up.

Any other ideas?

Dan Beaver

On 10/2/2016 8:05 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


         Once you've got Chrome open and focus is on that window:

  1. Hit ALT
  2. Hit Down Arrow
  3. Hit S   (the first three steps will cause Chrome settings to open in its own tab)
  4. Search for "Make Google Chrome the default browser", which should take you to that button
  5. Activate the button, close the tab


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