Re: Code Factory Vocalizer and Eloquence addon

Don H

Thanks for your response. I already tried that. Did not change
anything after I unchecked the beep and say cap options.

On 1/17/2022 6:30 PM, Gene wrote:
Try changing the settings to what you don’t want, then change them back
again.  Sometimes, settings in a program become incorrect and they may
be corrected if you ;put them as you don’t want them, then back the way
you do.
I doubt this is a general problem because if it were, I expect we would
have seen many comments before now.
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Hi, Don,

It could be a code factory issue and not NVDA. I don’t know what to
suggest as I’m using the Nathan voice right now and it’s working fine
for me.


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Running the latest version of NVDA, Latest Win 10 and latest version of

the code Factory Vocalizer /Eloquence  addon.

I am using the Vocalizer Nathan voice and under speech settings I have

beep on Caps and Say Cap on Capitals unchecked.  This should mean I only

get a raise in pitch on Capital letters.  However what is happening is I

still hear Capital before each capital letter along with a pitch raise.

Is this a NVDA or Code Factory issue and is there a solution to stop

having NVDA say capital before each capital letter?


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