NVDA not reading all message content from Microsoft Teams notification mails in Outlook

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello all,

I now use Microsoft Teams every day with my colleagues to communicate and when Teams is not open, I receive e-mails notifications that someone has published a new post in Teams.

The mails have the subject lines : “you have new messages in Microsoft Teams”.

IN the message text, you can read who published messages, there is a link to the post and an extract of what they say.

I can read what they say with another well-known screen reader in Outlook, the mail application on my phone, but with NVDA, I only can read many empty lines, strange signs, but not the piece of message that has been published by my colleagues.

I tried to enable tables announcement by NVDA, as well as graphics announcements, but it is impossible to read the information.

Does anyone know how I can have NVDA read the whole mail?

Unfortunately, I could only test with Outlook, I don’t know if there is the same problem with Thunderbird.

Thank you for any hints.



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