Re: Ms Russian Voices and NVDA


Well I wander how the code factory voices stack.

Sadly this is the only voice pack in sapi which is well rellitively priced instead of indeviduals.

Now I know maxiaids is previding the original neospeech voices before they became readspeaker but who knows if I will get those later on.

The sereproc stuff looked nice but its still a lot for those.

One thing with russian voices, would nuphon or rh voice handle that.

What is standard espeak ng like in this instance.

On 19/01/2022 8:21 am, darkmad88@... wrote:
Russian MS voices are very similar to Ivona voices where handling a latin text. You can use DualVoice addon for automatic language switching, but the best choice, IMHO, will be using Vocalizer Expressive addon from Tiflotecnia. You can try it for free and check how this addon suit your needs.

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