Re: NVDA announcing Capital letters

David Griffith

This problem does not  appear to be existent with the Sapi versions of Eloquence.

I am using the Code Factory Sapi 5 Eloquence  to type this and there is no problem with capital announcement. Capitals are being indicated simply by increased pitch as expected.

Yesterday I was using the Kurzweil Sapi 4 version of Eloquence and again there was no  problem with simply hearing increased pitch to indicate capitals.


So this may be a problem confined to the Code Factory Addon versions?

I am constantly relieved that I did not go for the addon flavour given the multiple issues reported over the years with NVDA updates etc.

David Griffith


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From: Steve Nutt
Sent: 18 January 2022 15:53
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA announcing Capital letters




This is a function, or problem with, certain synthesisers.


For example, if you use CodeFactory's NVDA Vocalizer add-on, and turn off all the capital options, it will still say Capital, because NVDA doesn't intercept the interpretation of the add-on itself.


JAWS has a feature called Controlled By Synthesiser, which you can switch off. If you do, JAWS does all the processing. Maybe NVDA needs something like this. Controlled By Synthesiser can be seen in punctuation settings I believe.


All the best





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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA announcing Capital letters


I have both beep and say cap unchecked under speech settings and NVDA still says capital before a capital letter and when typing a capital letter.


On 1/18/2022 7:53 AM, Fawaz Abdul rahman wrote:

> Hi,

> if you mean while typing, then yes.

> in the voice settings, you can find:

> Say cap before capitals  check box  not checked  Alt+c you can check

> it or use the beep option which is right after the cap option.

> good luck.

> On Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 4:47 PM Don H <lmddh50@...

> <mailto:lmddh50@...>> wrote:

>     Is there a setting in NVDA that causes the word capital to be spoken on

>     capital letters?














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