Re: Keystroke for Reading Individual Letters


Even though this has been answered, I'm putting up the following as an example of how to find this very quickly in the NVDA Commands Quick Reference:

1. Bring up the NVDA Commands Quick Reference:  NVDA + N, H, Q  [NVDA Menu, Help, Commands Quick Reference] which will open in your default browser.

2. Search the page on "NVDA+numpad5," the keystroke you already know.  In the Commands Quick Reference the commands are consistently formatted with no spaces between each of the keys and plus signs.  it also consistently uses lowercase "numpad" with the digit stuck right after the 'd' in numpad for those digits.  This was a smart formatting move as it prevents you from ever getting any other key combination when everything is one long string for the search.

3. Look at the column to the right of where you landed, if you're trying to find the laptop layout for a desktop command, or to the left if you're looking for a desktop layout for a laptop command.  If you so happen to be looking for the touch equivalent, it's two columns to the right of desktop and one to the right of laptop commands.



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