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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi David

The following might help from the user manual. I knew I had seen it some where about if you did not have a numeric keypad on your pc.

Note the part with the function key.

The lower the grid is on the main keyboard should be the characters previous, the letter you are on and the next.

Not sure how it is done but 7 could be previous line, 8 is current and 9 is next.

u could be previous word, I could be current word, and O could be next word,

j could be previous character, kcould be current character and l could be next.

Best bet have a play while holding down the function key. I used to have a netbook like that.

Gene nz

4.2.2. Keyboard Layouts
NVDA currently comes with two sets of key commands (known as keyboard layouts): the desktop layout and the laptop layout. By default, NVDA is set to use the Desktop layout, though you can switch to the Laptop layout in the Keyboard category of the NVDA Settings dialog, found under Preferences in the NVDA menu.
The Desktop layout makes heavy use of the numpad (with Num Lock off). Although most laptops do not have a physical numpad, some laptops can emulate one by holding down the FN key and pressing letters and numbers on the right-hand side of the keyboard (7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, l, etc.). If your laptop cannot do this or does not allow you to turn Num Lock off, you may want to switch to the Laptop layout instead.

On 20/01/2022 2:56 am, David Kingsbury wrote:

Hi all,

I know you can press Insert and 5 twice on the num pad to hear words spelled out. What is the equivalent for somebody who does not have a num pad?




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