Re: Using hyper-v manager with nvda


Fiddled with hyper v but never got it working though I didn't try that hard.
To be honest after the drama I have had with vmware, I am loathed to
try again unless I have a waste machine.
Technically I have a waste machine but I don't know if I really care to bother.

On 20/01/2022, Russell James <4rjames@...> wrote:

I'm trying to use hyper-v manager on Windows 10 and on a desktop it is
accessible however on a laptop that I'm using it does not speak at all and
I'm using the same version of nvda on both systems.

I wanted to reach out to the group to see if anyone has run into this
before and if anyone has any suggestions on how to make hyper-v manager
more accessible with nvda.

Thank you


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