Re: Tony's add-ons: updates and new features

Simone Dal Maso

I perhaps am the only person that think that there is no need for packaging another addon for sound.

Infact we will have a copy of the Volume Adjustment addon... that allow both to modify NVDa volume and app volume, both split sound where you want. So, I prefer to have all in a single addon that make more things.

Il 20/01/2022 03:39, Bhavya shah ha scritto:
Dear Tony,
Edit: I suggest packaging sound split and volume adjustment
functionality in a stand-alone add-on.
On 1/19/22, Bhavya shah <bhavya.shah125@...> wrote:
Dear Tony,

Have you considered packaging the Sound Split functionality as a
separate add-on? I think it is a particularly distinct piece of
functionality which merits its own add-on. I am happy to sketch some
arguments for it if needed. In my case, I don't care for the enhanced
table navigation features and the key bindings it occupies (which I am
guessing are instated by default and yes, which I could take some time
to remove) but certainly do care for the ability to delineate NVDA and
non-NVDA audio. Alternatively, I might suggest having a series of
check boxes to enable or disable logically constructed subsets of
functionality in one, unified Tony's Enhancements add-on.


On 1/14/22, Tony Malykh <anton.malykh@...> wrote:
Are you dealing with extremely long lines? Could you email me your file?

I just tried a file with 4000 lines and there is no perceptible delay
when using WordNav 1.7 in VSCode.

On 1/13/2022 4:22 PM, Bruno Aníbal Prieto González wrote:
Thanks for replying. Yes, I have word nav 1.7 installed. In large
files like 400 lines for example, it takes a couple of seconds to say
the word. Is there anything extra to do? I imagine it must be
something complex

2022-01-12 15:44 GMT-03:00, Tony Malykh <anton.malykh@...>:
Have you tried the latest version of WordNav? I improved its
in VSCode.

On 1/12/2022 4:31 AM, Bruno Aníbal Prieto González wrote:
Hi Tony!
Thank you so much for your awesome complements. Especially I am really
appreciating the noticeable improvement of indent nav speed in VS
Code. It's great!
I wonder if that improvement in the indent nav algorithm will be
transferable to Word Nav? VS Code doesn't behave as I would like when
navigating with Control and arrows, but with Word Nav it does. The
problem is that in larger files Word Nav causes NVDA to take a long
time to read the words.
Do you think there is a way to fix that related to how you did it with
Indent Nav?

Have a great year!

2022-01-11 17:19 GMT-03:00, abdul muhamin <abdulmuhamin600@...>:
Hello there, I’m facing a strange issue in  browser nav 2.2, whenever
to use NVDA OCR, the up and down aero keys doesn’t work, at 1st, I
it’s the problem in the latest version of NVDA, and I downgraded to
but the problem was still there, then I restarted my NVDA with addons
disabled, and the keys were working properly, then, I enabled the
by 1, and I found this bug with Browser nav addon, please fix it.

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From: David Ingram
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2022 8:48 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Tony's add-ons: updates and new features

I’d like to know how to get rid of ad-ons that are not compatible
latest version of nvda?  thank you.

On Jan 4, 2022, at 5:39 PM, Rowen Cary <manchen_0528@...>


Thanks Tony, your add-on is very useful to me, thank you for your
creation. For sound segmentation, is it possible to place the NVDA
separately on the left or right channel without changing the
sound? This is useful for enjoying stereo resources.

Thanks again

Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah
Stanford University | Class of 2024

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