Re: NVDA announcing Capital letters

Don H

Tried as you described by placing a new entry in the default dictionary.
Still says capital when typing a capital letter. I know the entry was
correct because if you type the word cap in a document and try to read
it NVDA says nothing.

On 1/20/2022 8:14 AM, Gene wrote:
Here is a suggestion for those who don't want to hear cap spoken.  Try
an NVDA speech dictionary entry for cap and place a space in the
pronounced as field.  Be sure to select whole word or you won't hear cap
wherever it appears.  Thus, Captain Kirk would be tain Kurk.

On a more general note, I don't understand the cause of the problem.  I
would think that when a capital letter is found, NVDA sends instructions
to the synthesizer such as raise voice, or actually sends the word cap
to the synthesizer.  But turning off these options doesn't eliminate the
word cap being spoken for some people and now one person says pitch
isn't raised.

Yet, I wouldn't think the synthesizer would do something on its own like
say cap if no information came from NVDA.  Perhaps someone with more
technical knowledge might discuss what might be causing the problems.


On 1/20/2022 8:04 AM, Don H wrote:
I contacted Code Factory and they said it was a NVDA issue.  So I don't
think anything will be done anytime soon to fix the problem.

On 1/20/2022 12:17 AM, Marilyn and Don Bilderback wrote:

I have the beep option checked but I get no sound when I type.

  I try to use the tone option, but   can’t seem to choose the   right
numbers so I can use that method. I don’t hear   any change in tone when
caps are typed.

I do not like the word caps spoken as I can’t hear what I am typing.
What am I missing?


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