Re: addon updater 22.01

Brian Sackrider

    I think that there is somthing wrong in the cloud also.  When I check for add on updates and also if I check for updates in the help menu iI get the same error message.  Error checking for updates.  It seems to be efecting both add on updates and nvda updates as well.


On 1/20/2022 12:58 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I think something's wrong "out there in the cloud."  

I just tried the same thing with Add-On Updater Version 21.09, and got the same error.  After removing that version of the add-on, I cannot download the latest version, which is 22.01.  I am getting a "502 Bad Gateway" error when attempting to fetch the latest Add-On Updater from: 

I'm going to send a quick email message to the folks at NVAccess.  I'd just wait a while and try later.

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