Re: NVDA announcing Capital letters


I don't know how to work with regular expressions.  I would imagine that this could be done with a regular expression but others would have to discuss that.

Those with more technical knowledge may wish to discuss if what you found brings us closer to understanding why the problem exists.

Your comments may prompt someone to send to the list what you should enter in the speech dictionary.


On 1/20/2022 1:43 PM, Don H wrote:
So again I am running the latest released versions of NVDA, Win10 and latest vocalizer/eloquince addon from code factory.  Despite having say cap on capital letters being unchecked NVDA still says cap with capital letters being typed and read.
I went into the defauld dictionary and added a entry for Capital A replacing it with a lower case a making it capital sensitive and set for anywhere.
Now when I type a Capital a I only hear the letter a at a raised pitch. Does this provide any reason for the problem of NVDA saying capital before each capital letter?  If this is a possible solution is there a way to do it besides making 26 entries in the default dictionary thus covering the entire alphabet?

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