Re: NVDA announcing Capital letters

Don H

I believe it is saying Capital before each uppercase letter.
Doing as you described with speech viewer just shows the letters I typed
and does not have cap or capital shown.

On 1/21/2022 5:08 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:

Can we be clear here.  You say the “say Cap” option in the Voice dialog
is unchecked and you still hear “capital” spoken before each capital
letter, right?  “cap” and “Capital” are different words, which one are
you actually hearing?

Ensure you have “Speak typed characters on” (NVDA+NumRow 2) and switch
on Speech viewer

(NVDA+n t s).  Open a text file and type in text containing capital
letters, then switch focus to the Speech viewer window. You should find
each letter you typed into the text file on a separate line.  For each
capital letter, press home to go to the beginning of the line, then use
the right arrow to move along the text sent to  the synthesizer.

I set my Voice dialog to “Say Cap” and did the above test, I could see
“cap” at the beginning of each line containing a capital letter, what do
you see?



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Again running latest version of NVDA, Win 10 and latest code factory

vocalizer/eloquence addon.  Using the Vocalizer voices.

Despite having say caps unchecked under the NVDA voice settings NVDA

still says capital before each capital letter typed.

A solution is found under the settings for the code factory vocalizer

settings.  Under the settings you can create a word list.  I added a

entry for each letter having each capitalized leter replaced with the

locer case letter.

Now all capitals are identified with only a pitch change as desired.

Did not change any of the NVDA dictionaries.

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