Re: NVDA announcing Capital letters

Don H

I followed the suggestion and unregistered the code factory package,
uninstalled NVDA including removal of all remaining NVDA folders then
did a complete reinstall of NVDA, all desired addons and the code
factory vocalizer/eloquince addon. Nothing changed.

On 1/21/2022 11:56 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 12:50 PM, Don H wrote:

The response I got from Code Factory was that it was a NVDA issue
which means they ain't gona do anything to fix the issue with Vocalizer.

Which, while unfortunate, is not at all unusual.

The, "It's not MY fault, THEY need to fix it!," game is very common in
the tech support world.  Very often it falls to the end user to compile
enough evidence to have a definitive case to lodge with whoever ends up
being "the guilty party."

As I said earlier, and others have echoed, we still don't have a
definitive answer regarding what's at fault.  But if it's not an NVDA
add-on, if other users of NVDA and the Code Factory Vocalizer do not
have this issue, all signs point to an idiosyncratic issue on your
machine.  This is not uncommon, at all.  Hence the reason I suggest a
full uninstall and reinstall of NVDA after Add-On involvement has been
ruled out.  And I do mean a full uninstall of the software, not your
settings, not updating NVDA from within if an update were to happen to
be available.  Get a copy of NVDA "from scratch."

Diagnosis in situations like this is often a long process of
elimination.  And sometimes the diagnostic process itself ends up fixing
the issue.

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