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There is no reason to believe sighted people get tired of seeing it.  They can ignore the display if they want.  Sight is not necessarily analogous to sound.  A stock ticker on a web page, if a screen-=-reader constantly speaks the updates would be so distracting and interfere so much with listening to other content that the page couldn't be used.  A sighted person can simply not look at the ticker. 

the interesting thing about the thread is that it sounds as though speech is heard whether you are in the program Window or not.  If you are in the Power Point Window, it sounds as though you still hear the notifications.  This should be something the user can control and I hope it is made possible.


On 1/21/2022 9:14 PM, Arlene wrote:

You know, I never even thought of that.  If you do power point or other things. There should be a way to stop any screen reader from reading who comes and goes.  I’m sure the sighted folk get tired of seeing that on the screen that’s why the screen reader announces that. 


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Hi all,


Turning off speech is not a viable solution in many cases. I sometimes need to type into chat and at times, swap to another program like powerpoint. We need a better solution.




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