Re: NVDA Configuration Profiles

Fawaz Abdul rahman

I would recommend reading section 12.4 of the NVDA user guide which is the first option of the help menu.
Basically, you can have different configurations based on the app you are using or manual change.
Imagine that you move to a writing app, you get different TTS, different speed, different typing feedback than for instance a gaming platform.
or you can use the manual change when you need a certain configuration in a certain time only, so you can make a profile give it a hotkey (NVDA+shift+1) for example, once you press the given hotkey, you get all the configurations you have set previously.
good luck.

On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 3:43 PM Lexi <alexiscooks836@...> wrote:
Hello everyone, can someone please explain to me what an NVDA profile is and how they work? Can you all also explain how to create a profile in NVDA? I'm still not the best at using NVDA. So detail is key I think. Thank you all in advance.--
Please be blessed and be safe. Thank you,

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