Re: NVDA Configuration Profiles


Every NVDA user needs to know how to do two basic things when almost any question arises.  The one you want really depends on the exact nature of the question:

1.        Bring up the NVDA Commands Quick Reference:  NVDA + N, H, Q  [NVDA Menu, Help, Commands Quick Reference]

2.      Bring up the NVDA User Guide:  NVDA + N, H, U   [NVDA Menu, Help, User Guide]

If you already know how to search a webpage (as these documents come up in your default web browser) then search away. 

Mr. Rahman has given the best advice and that's to look at Section 12.4 of the NVDA User Guide and then start playing around with various configuration tweaks on top of a "throw away" application like Notepad where you know that the changes that you're making are not going to screw up how NVDA is working for you in any other application.  Once you have a much better idea of how things work from playing around with them, then you start making real configuration profiles for applications where you want specific changes in NVDA behavior to take effect.


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