Re: Solving CAPTCHAs Independently With the Use of NVDA


He's quite understandable, but you do have to listen closely. I
believe he' might be from the subcontinent. Some earphones might help,
Brian S, but here's what I'd say. I'd wager $100 he speaks better
English than I could speak whatever his native language is. I suspect
that's true of most native English speakers as well. These folks have
huge hurdles to overcome, & the fact that they're doing it speaks
multiple multiple volumes as to their strenght & perseverance. All I
can do is applaud & bow in respect.

The weird thing is that the video doesn't start till about 5min in. I
had to go to the slider, press ctrl home, & that brought me to the
beginning of the video. I've never seen a video do that before, & I'm
mystified as to why it would.

On 1/23/22, Armando ( <armando@...> wrote:
Hello Brian and all.

For me, I can understand the video. If you like, I can create a little audio
file on how to do the same thing as well. It might be a while before I get
to it where I can create a file. Most likely, I can create it tomorrow. I
believe that the link to download the ad on is

On Jan 23, 2022, at 8:53 PM, Brian Sackrider <bsackrider55@...>

I tried to listen to this vidio but I could notunderstand a word of
what the man was saying. He was speaking a forign languege. Vidios do us
no good if the speaker does not speak english.

Brian Sackrider

On 1/23/2022 7:30 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
By the way, the video started for me way more than a few seconds in. I
thought I might accidentally have moved the time slider somehow.
Apparently not.
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