Re: Thinking about purchasing the Acapela voices for NVDA


I'm not sure why.  I downloaded Ryan and had no compatibility problems.  You might want to try that voice.

Also, I downloaded the COLIBRI voices and had no compatibility problems.  I think the COLIBRI voices, though the quality of the voice isn't as good and they aren't as inflected, are much better voices.  Speech inflection and pauses are much more natural.  The voices sound reasonably good.  Also, the so called high quality voices often join words together poorly.  I haven't listened enough to say that the COLIBRI voices don't have that sort of problem at all, but they appear not to have it much.  I don't recall hearing a clumsy joining of words in the two or three minutes of reading I listened to.

I'm not talking about inflection.  I'm talking about the way one word is joined to the next.

ACapella is so intent on making the higher voices sound higher in quality that the result, in my opinion, is much lower quality.


On 1/24/2022 6:42 PM, Don H wrote:
I downloaded the addon but when I tried downloading a voice it said it
was not compatible with my version of NVDA which is the latest released
version of NVDA.

On 1/24/2022 6:19 PM, Gene wrote:
You can download a demo to see what you think.  You have to download and
install the add-on, then install the voice or voices you want as
additional add-ons.

Others may answer and give their opinions but you may want to see for
yourself what you think.  Different people have very different opinions
about voices.

See this page for information:

That is the page to download the version of the add-on that is
compatible with the current and recent versions of NVDA.


On 1/24/2022 5:44 PM, Michael Chopra wrote:

Hey everyone. I was thinking about getting the Acapela voices add-on
for NVDA, but wanted people's thoughts before I decided to pay for it
or not. What is the responsiveness like and is it worth the high price
tag? Or would I simply be wasting money? Feel free to add anything
else I should consider as well.
Thanks for your help.
From Michael.

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