Re: accessing links in a pdf file with nvda

Steve Nutt

Hi Mary,

Try opening it in Chrome or Edge. I find browsers read PDFs better now than Acrobat Reader.

All the best


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From: <> On Behalf Of Mary Otten
Sent: 23 January 2022 20:21
Subject: [nvda] accessing links in a pdf file with nvda

I have a pdf file that I paid for, so I think they probably wouldn't appreciate me posting it somewhere for somebody to look at. It isn't password locked or anything like that.

This is a cookbook, and I can open it in acrobat reader and, once it fully loads, which takes some time, I can move through the links with the k key for visiting the next link. However, when I find a link I want to activate, I can't seem to do so. I have tried the enter key to no avail. I have tried numpad insert plus numpad enter (using desktop layout). I have tried moving to the focus and then doing the simulated left click on the number pad. No luck. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how these links, which act as the table of contents for this book might actually be activated using NVDA?


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