Re: NVDA announcing Capital letters


I don't know how much you might want to do to pursue the problem further.  One option, which will cost money, is to get the SAPI Vocalizer voices,  You may want to try the program to see if you have the same problem.

You can find it on this page:

There are the methods to try to correct the problem Brian discussed and then there is this possible solution that will cost you money.  But I'm making you aware of the option, if you aren't.  And you may want to test for the problem using the SAPI demo.


On 1/25/2022 3:49 PM, Don H wrote:
Yes there are setting under the code factory entery under settings.
Same screen where you download more voices.  Nothing in the settings
here fixes the issue of saying capital.

On 1/25/2022 3:44 PM, Gene wrote:
There is a way to open settings for the add-on itself but I don't know
how you do it.  I have a guess which I will present.  To explain why
this is my guess would require explanation which isn't relevant to the
discussion.  It has to do with what the expired demo does when you try
to run it.  When you are using a vocalizer voice, try opening the
synthesizer dialog, control NVDA s, moving to the Vocalizer choice, and
pressing enter.  Does the settings dialog open?

I have an expired demo.  The only setting I can see that might possibly
apply is one for raising the pitch for capital.  As I recall, it is a
check box.  There is no say cap or say capital setting.  Maybe if you
turn on the raise pitch option, capital won't be spoken.


On 1/25/2022 3:05 PM, Chris Mullins wrote:

Hi Don

If  in the Voice Settings dialog (NVDA+Ctrl+v),you set Uppercase pitch
change to 0, Say Cap unchecked and Beep before Capitals unchecked you
say NVDA says "Capital" before capital letters but if you check the
"say Cap" checkbox, it only says "Cap", is that correct?

Does the Code Factory addon have any adjustable properties available
via the Preferences sub-menu (NVDA+n p) or in the catagories list of
the Settings dialog (NVDA+n p s)?  I'm asking these questions because
I think it's the Code Factory addon that is responsible for it saying
"Capital" and I wondered if there were any adjustable properties
governing this behaviour.



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I think I started this thread and here is what I have figured out.  When

using the code Factory vocalizer addon for NVDA if you have the voice

settings to not say cap and also have the beep for caps off on my system

NVDA says the word capital before each uppercase letter.  To make this

better in my opinion I now have my voice settings set with a pitch

change on caps on zero and I have say cap on capitaleters turned on.  So

now on capital letters NVDA says cap before each uppercase letter and I

hear no pitch change on capitals.  This makes the verbage on capital

letters a little better.

I did also make it stop saying capital by adding each uppercase letter

to the default dictionary replacing each with a lowercase letter and

this resulted in only hearing a pitch change on uppercase letters but

for some reason this pitch only for uppercase letters was inconsistent

with some uppercase letters being typed not having a raised pitch.  I

removed all the enteries I made to the default dictionary.

On 1/25/2022 3:59 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

Interesting, I’ll test it again, but when I’ve tried it before, I

get beeps when I set capitals to beep.
All the best
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I just tested this.  It comes through the sound card.
On 1/21/2022 10:53 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:
     I think this is because the beep option unhelpfully comes through
     the PC speaker, instead of your soundcard.
     Some PCs don’t have a PC speaker any more, so the beep sound

     work for them.
     I think this should be changed in NVDA.
     All the best
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     I have the beep option checked but I get no sound when I type.
       I try to use the tone option, but   can’t seem to choose the
        right numbers so I can use that method. I don’t hear   any

     in tone when caps are typed.
     I do not like the word caps spoken as I can’t hear what I am
     typing.    What am I missing?

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