Re: NVDA Not Talking

hurrikennyandopo ...


Sounds like you might not have nvda start when windows does after logging in to windows.

If that is the case use the alt key + ctrl key + the letter N. If you then hear a musical sound then it starts talking you will need to check under settings start nvda when windows starts or some thing like that under the general settings in nvda.

The other option thaht comes to mind is the synth you are using.

sorta makes it hard with no speech. If you know nvda is running but not talking use the ctrl key + nvda key + the letter S to bring up the synthesizer settings it might be set to no sppech? or a buggy synth.

If this is the case wile the synth settings is open use the letter E to get you up to E speak or W to get you to windows one core voices. If it speak correctly then tab down to the apply or ok button.

Hopefully that should do the trick.

Gene nz


On 26/01/2022 5:58 pm, Steven Hicks wrote:

Hi friends,


I Have installed the latest NVDA on my laptop.

When I start up, there is speech at the logon screen but after logging on, there is nothing at all, no speech.

During the installation, there was no speech either which seems quite odd.

If I load up JAWS then I can use the NVDA+N and it would appear that NVDA is running.

I Use NVDA+Q and JAWS will read the NVDA quit screen but again, there is no speech from NVDA itself.

When I type, there is a high pitched sound for some reason until I unload NVDA.

I Tried uninstalling NVDA and re-installing but the same thing seems to have happened afterwards.

Does anyone have any ideas please?



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