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Marilyn and Don Bilderback

When NVDA first starts you are able to use Narrator to set up things. I found this out just days ago. The real problem once NVDA is installed is getting into the synthesizer settings and choose one you want and pick a voice. Then there are settings which you need to set before you get to the end and press OK
In actual use the setting for talking is set to none at start up until you tell it different. Good Luck.

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Also, you might have speech mode set to beeps somehow, that's what the high-pitched noise makes me think of. Hit NVDA-s, and speech mode will toggle between talk, beeps, and off.

My other thought is that NVDA is picking another sound card/device that's not what you're listening through. If you've got another sound device with an output hooked up, some USB microphones have headphone jacks for example, try hooking up to that and see if NVDA's coming through it. If so, you can hit ctrl-NVDA-s to get into the synthesizer settings, and change the sound device from in there.

On 1/25/2022 11:03 PM, Jackie wrote:
Hi, Steven. Just because there's speech at logon does not mean there
will be speech once the computer has started. Both options need to be
checked in 'Preferences > Settings > General'. Specifically:
"Start NVDA after I sign in" needs to be checked.

On 1/25/22, Steven Hicks <hickser@...> wrote:
Hi friends,

I Have installed the latest NVDA on my laptop.

When I start up, there is speech at the logon screen but after
logging on, there is nothing at all, no speech.

During the installation, there was no speech either which seems quite odd.

If I load up JAWS then I can use the NVDA+N and it would appear that
NVDA is running.

I Use NVDA+Q and JAWS will read the NVDA quit screen but again, there
is no speech from NVDA itself.

When I type, there is a high pitched sound for some reason until I
unload NVDA.

I Tried uninstalling NVDA and re-installing but the same thing seems
to have happened afterwards.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

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